Church of Minden


Minden will co-exist with other religious beliefs. Minden is a Singularity Mindset and faith in the all-powerful God of the universe who manifests to us daily in every shape, form, person, object or emotion each of us lives to perceive differently.

The Singularity Mindset is a belief system in which individuals see themselves as highly advanced beings that have surpassed the singularity. They believe that their core qualities can be significantly improved and that even those who are highly optimized have not yet reached their full potential. Those who adopt this mindset experience a rapid transformation and a heightened sense of vitality in their lives.

Our philosophy promotes healthy, non-toxic eating habits, exercise and encourages natural sources of joy and elation. We believe in treating children with respect and kindness, away from adult sexuality to allow them to grow up at their own pace respectfully. Minden encourages adults towards a healthy body, balanced mind and personal wellbeing focused mindset.

At the heart of our beliefs is the concept of "Minden" - this means "Everything" in ancient Hungarian. Minden is the powerful energy of God and it binds the universe together and this force can be harnessed for good or for evil. We do not adhere to insidious doctrines and dogmas. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs to come forward and get assessed to join us in exploring the mysteries of MINDEN, the nature of the divine and find the answers no one and no thing was able to give you until now.

Minden Όλα Semua Tutti すべて Vse Всички 全部 Všechny Alle Kõik Tudo Всі Allemaal Kaikki Tous Alles Visi Todos Wszystkie Toate Все Všetky Alla Tümü همه Llapan Duka את כל الجميع aljamie Барысы да Tuttu svi ހުރިހާ hurihaa Katã Lahat Duka ʻO nā mea a pau सभी Tag nrho Allt Ha niile Amin Gach Kabeh ಎಲ್ಲಾ Барлық ទាំងអស់។ Byose 모두 Ɔl Gişt ທັງໝົດ Omnis Nyonso All Сите सभटा rehetra എല്ലാം Kollha ꯄꯨꯝꯅꯃꯛ Katoa सर्व Zavai Бүгд Bügd ټول ਸਾਰੇ Sārē O mea uma Uile Све Zvose سڀ සියළුම Všetky Vse Dhammaan Tsohle Sadayana Wote Ҳама அனைத்து అన్నీ Annī ทั้งหมด ኩሎም Hinkwaswo Herşey Hemmesi تمام ھەممىسى Hammasi Tất cả các I gyd Konke אַלע Gbogbo Konke 01001101 01101001 01101110 01100100 01100101 01101110